Canada’s Top Honda Salesman Welcomes Kash to His Family

August 29th, 2014 by

Canada’s Top Honda Salesman, Dylan Foui, is the key cog in the three-man sales masterpiece known as Team Foui at Winnipeg Honda.

At home, he and wife Melissa have just added newborn Kash to their team.

For 33-year-old Dylan Foui, times are good.

“Yeah, all is good,” Foui said with a laugh. “I’m getting about three or four hours sleep at night and I pick up the rest early in the evening. Melissa is doing great and we’ve had Kash around for about eight weeks. It’s an amazing feeling.”

Not only is Foui a new dad, but Team Foui is smoking along at Winnipeg Honda. For Dylan Foui, nearly 11 years with the Dilawri Group has been quite a ride.

“I’ve been with Ashok at Dilawri since 2004,” said Foui proudly. “Ashok has been good to me and I’ve been good to him. In this business, you either move around a lot or you stay put and with Dilawri, they’ve helped me grow my team so I can sell more vehicles. It’s a great situation for everyone. I have no reason to leave.”

It’s unlikely anyone knows more about Hondas than Dylan and Team Foui.

“Yeah, I pretty much know everything there is to know abut Honda,” he said modestly. “I would say that Honda makes up 95 per cent of my sales. I will go to other dealerships and make other sales to benefit my clients. For instance, if a family that buys from me comes to me and says they’d like an Acura, I’ll help them with the sale. I can move from dealership to dealership seamlessly.

“One deal does nothing for us, as a team. It’s all the deals that come after we’ve made the first one that’s important. We take very good care of our clients. It’s all about return business and we go to great lengths to make sure our clients come back. I have people who won’t buy a vehicle from anyone but us.”

Team Foui includes “team manager” Jeremy Sturby and customer service guru Graham Loughlin.

“Jeremy has been with me for a few years and he’s the guy who keeps the team organized and helps make sure we stay on target,” said Foui. “Graham delivers the cars and gets out and keeps the customers happy. If I had two more guys like Jeremy and Graham, we could produce 100 cars a month.”

Right now, Foui is moving, on average, 70 cars a month. That’s how you become a Grand Master, a member of the club that boasts the highest level of sales among the national Honda team.

“It takes 200-250 cars a year to qualify for Grand Master,” Foui said. “That will make you one of the country’s top salesmen. If you can sell 200 cars a year, you’re a really good salesman. Last year, Team Foui did 800 cars. Team Foui has been the top sales team in Canada for the last five years. We’re proud of what we do.”

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