Pothole Season in Winnipeg: How to Protect Your Vehicle

Spring is here, and with it comes pothole season in Winnipeg. Potholes can cause significant damage to vehicles, including tire punctures, sidewall damage, and wheel misalignment. To help you navigate the roads safely, here are some tips on how to protect your vehicle from the hazards of potholes.
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Power of One!

One Person. One Price. Fast & Easy.
For a quick, stress-free experience you’ve come to the right place.
One Person.
A turbo charged experience
Our sales people are experts in the entire car buying process so you can be in and out in no time. One person will guide you from vehicle selection through finance and lease options to signing the final paperwork. You’ll never be left waiting for a manager or shuffled into a finance office. Bring a stopwatch because you’ll be amazed at just how fast you can get into a new car.
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Winnipeg Honda New Owner Clinic

Winnipeg Honda is hosting a New Owner Clinic on July 5 at 5:30 pm as a way to help new Honda owners familiarize themselves with their vehicle. Together with our knowledgeable Service Advisors and Factory Trained Technicians you’ll learn about proper maintenance and the available technology plus you’ll have the opportunity to watch an under the hood/carriage demonstration. Key points that will be covered during the New Owner Clinic:
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Happy Retirement Brian Buckmaster

Brian Buckmaster, Retired.
Since 1987, Dilawri’s Crown Auto Group has been called home for many including Brian Buckmaster. Over the 31 years of commitment to our team, he has created long-lasting memories across the group and our valued customer base. Brian has made a noticeable impact on the lives of the people who surrounded him, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to have had him as part of our team.
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MPI Winter Tire Program

Car accidents are never a pleasant experience, and many happen in Manitoba during the winter months. One way to reduce the risk of an accident in the winter is to trust the rubber that you drive on. Swapping to dedicated winter tires can seem overkill if you don’t already have a set, but once you make the switch, you’ll never think twice again.
Luckily, Manitoba Public Insurance has a Winter Tire Program that offers Manitobans a trustworthy and affordable option when making their purchase.
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Drive Safely During Winter

Winter is here! Keep an eye out for these hazards and drive safely this winter 
Winter conditions are nothing new to us, yet many people seem to forget how to drive safely on our ice and snow-filled streets. Since we can’t wait around for the streets to get sanded or for the city cleaners to scrape the roads, we’ve put together a couple of things to keep in mind for when you need to drive the streets of ‘Winter’peg.
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Essential Winter Car Care Tips

Winter is coming! Here are 5 essential winter car care tips for proper maintenance
If you have ever lived in a northern climate, you already know how extreme weather variations can be. Because of this, the winter season could end up being a nightmare for you and your vehicle if the proper precautions are not taken.
At Winnipeg Honda, we know it’s important to maintain your vehicle year-round, the changes that come along with winter make it even more important than ever to keep your vehicle running well.
We’ve put together some winter tips for you to keep…
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It’s Time to Swap Your Tires

The seasons are changing and so are driving conditions. Although there is plenty of snow still on the ground, it’s time to start thinking about swapping the rubber you drive on. Seasons are changing and so should your vehicle.
7 Degrees Changes Everything
Similar when swapping to winter tires, when the weather is 7 degrees Celsius (or lower), the benefit of switching to winter tires can make a big difference in your driving. While winter tires are designed to keep you on the road while it’s cold and snowy, all-season tires are designed for warmer climate conditions (7…
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