The Exact Date You Need To Put Your Winter Tires On

October 10th, 2019 by

I am going to be bold and say that by Friday, November 1, you should have winter tires on your vehicle. Don’t believe me? Here’s why I think the first of November is the perfect date. 



Average Temperatures  

Everyone knows by now that as soon as the temperature reached 7 degrees and below, winter tires work better. The last week of October is set to be colder than the 7-degree mark, and the high for November in Winnipeg is 1 degree. That means the average temperature will be well below the 7-degree mark, making it prime time to install your winter tires.  

By visiting us to get your tires changed during the week, you can go into the weekend knowing you did something to keep you and your passengers safe this winter. 

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Time is of the essence! Your time is precious, which is why it is important to schedule your appointment early. The earlier you book, the more that is available to you. Our advisors can work with you to find a time that works best for you and can even schedule you a ride to and from work! Give them a call to book your next appointment. 

Don’t have the time? Book online! 



Tire Deals 

Tire manufacturers know that this is the time when people are switching to their winter tires. To keep competitive, they offer special incentives, plus, we have winter tire offers of our own! Check them out online or give our Parts Department a call to see what they suggest for your vehicle. 


And if you are already buying a new vehicle, there are even better deals on your new winter tires! Just ask your sales advisor what is currently being offered! 



Tire Wear 

Using your winter tires can save you money! By using two different sets of tires a year, it gives your tires a break. Because you are swapping your tires every six months it can reduce the wear and tear on your axles! 

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If I haven’t convinced you yet that November 1, 2019, is the perfect date to swap to your winter tires, give the experts a call

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