Appearance Protection

The Ultimate Care Combo

Best Deal, Top-Selling Package


Industry-leading coverage includes:
  • 5 year surface rust warranty
  • Extension of OEM sheet metal corrosion coverage to 5 years (where applicable)
  • 5 year surface rust warranty
  • Additional 10 year outside-in corrosion protection


Corrosion & Undercoating Protection
Exterior Protection
Interior Protection

Corrosion Protection $1,398

Honda Corrosion Protection - developed in Canada to protect your vehicle from the seasons and harsh elements that lead to corrosion.


  • 10 year inside-out corrosion protection
  • Unique under body protection barrier that insulates from both excessive road noise and temperature extremes

Exterior Protection $1,199

Engineered for Honda, Honda Cerami-Coat is a nanoceramic coating that chemically bonds to your vehicle's surface, becoming a rigid super-structure of nanoglass that delivers unparalleled shine & protection.


  • Advanced micro science paint technology
  • Single application nano-ceramic coating guaranteed for 10 years
  • Increased gloss and colour depth for a long lasting showroom shine

Interior Protection $699

Honda Leather Protection is a water based formula that not only resists staining from common spills but also maintains the natural moisture balance required to keep your leather interior soft & supple.


  • 10 Year Fabric / Leather Protection
  • 10 Year Warranty against stains

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