5 Car Battery Signs You Can’t Ignore

November 7th, 2019 by

A few days before the big snowstorm we had on Thanksgiving, I was driving down Kenaston after work and noticed my radio was turning off, and my power steering stopped working. It was a very scary experience, especially since I was driving down such a busy road. I made it home safely, but I had it towed to the dealership where Ron, one of CROWN’s service managers, was able to give me a hand. My battery had corroded so badly and so quickly that it needed to be replaced. 



I was lucky enough that a battery was all I needed, but Ron asked me if I had noticed anything different about how my car was reacting and starting. I did not notice anything, but now that I know what to look for, I will be able to detect earlier, and possibly save me from having to replace my battery sooner than expected. 




1) It Takes Longer to Start 

Starting your car in the morning is a familiar sound to drivers. Every day you heard the silence disrupted by a loud, powerful noise coming from under your hood. If you find it is taking longer between turning your engine on and that noise, your battery is starting to weaken. At this point, you may only need a battery service, so it is best to check with your dealership. A service will be less expensive than replacing your entire battery. 


2) There’s a Bad Smell 

Your battery should not smell. If you notice a rotten egg smell that means it is overheating and may even start to smoke. That smell is one of the first signs that your battery may be in trouble. Do not ignore that funky smell. Ask for a battery test the next time you are in our shop to make sure your battery is in good shape. 


3) It Has Been Jumped More Than Once 

A dead battery is never a good sign. Jumping it will help at the moment, but each time your battery has been jumped, the battery weakens. When the next cold snap hits, your battery will likely need to be jumped again. If you’ve needed more than two battery jumps within a month, have your battery tested. It may need to be replaced or it could just need a servicing.  

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4) Functions Flickers on and Off While Driving 

You know your vehicle well. You probably spend more focused time with it than any other of your possessions. If you notice that your lights seem dimmer, your radio is turning off, or anything else electrical that seems odd, there’s a good chance it’s your battery. Take your vehicle in to be tested as soon as you can and stop driving if it is unsafe. 



5) Your Battery Is More Than Three Years Old 

Batteries for your car will only last about three years, especially in harsh climates. If you’ve been using the same battery for three or more years, pay closer attention to the above issues. You are more likely to experience them with an older battery. 

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