Why You Need Four Winter Tires

October 31st, 2019 by

Have you been hitting the snooze button on your winter tires? This is your wakeup call! Now is the time to do it! 


Do you need a new set of winter tires? Make sure to buy all four! Driving with two tires are ineffective, especially in Winnipeg. Driving on slippery roads with only two winter tires will cause you to either understeer to oversteer. 


Two winter tires only on the front cause oversteering. When you oversteer, the back of your vehicle will slide out from behind you, twisting your vehicle. This means the front of your vehicle will be facing the direction you intended, but the back of your car will have rotated. Never install winter tires only to the back of your vehicle. This will result in a total lack of control of your vehicle.  

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Two winter tires only on the back cause understeering. This means when you attempt to steer, your tires may not be able to respond and move your vehicle only slightly. It is possible to drive with only two winter tires on the back, but it is very dangerous to do so. 


If it is time for four new winter tires, our team can help you out! There are many ways you can save money with CROWN Auto Group this season.  

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Winter Tire Offers – with purchase 

Our manufacturers offer special incentives when purchasing tires with your vehicle that often go unnoticed. The best offers for winter tires are often offered by the vehicle manufacturer. They are often able to secure exclusive pricing with tire manufacturers. It is also easiest to purchase tires when you buy your vehicle because it saves you from forgetting or having to make extra trips.  


Winter Tire Offers – without purchase 

Are you not purchasing a new vehicle? That’s ok, we’ve got you covered. Each dealership is an expert in your vehicle and is qualified to give you the best recommendation for your vehicle and driving habits. Give our team a call. We can find you a great deal on the perfect pair of winter tires. 



MPI Financing 

Did you know that you can finance your tires too? Manitoba Public Insurance has a low-interest rate finance program to help make car ownership a little bit more affordable. Our team can help set you up for success using this program.  



Let our team help you find the right set of wheels for your vehicle before it’s too late. Order your tires and book your appointment online.


View Winter Tire Offers 

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