Why Not Consider Exchanging Your Honda

November 12th, 2014 by

Here’s something that many Honda owners probably didn’t know: You might be able to exchange your vehicle for a brand new Honda, without money down and get this, you can still keep your payments about the same – possibly even lower?

And there is no catch. New software – don’t you love the 21st Century? — alerts us when it’s the best time for you to exchange your car. This alert is based on the current market value of your car plus new factory incentives.

“The Vehicle Exchange Program works in a way where a customer can exchange his/her current vehicle for one with similar if not more features for around the same amount of money they are paying per month now and even, sometimes, less than they are paying now based on market conditions on the current vehicle they are driving,” said Winnipeg Honda General manager Dave Zulak. “It’s all based on the price and rates of new vehicles.”

Zulak explained the computer science of the program:
“We have more than 33,000 clients in our data base,” he said. “Approximately 400 will qualify for this program at any give time or just a little more than one per cent of our customers.

“The program used is based on certain algorithms, market place scrapes for vehicles and daily retail and wholesale prices. Once the system identifies an opportunity we are sent an alert and we reach out to the customer and book an appointment.

“Most customers go up two to three years in a model and keep their payment almost the same and sometimes even cheaper. It’s an outstanding program.”

Honda has a great reason to offer the program. Used car buyers are always looking for late model, low mileage vehicles and the best supply they have are the ones they’ve already sold to their customers. Honda knows your vehicle’s history so Honda can sell it with greater confidence than a typical pre-owned vehicle.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, with NO OBLIGATION, please contact Dave Zulak, general manager at Winnipeg Honda. This could be the best automotive news you’ve ever received.

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