Visit Winnipeg Honda and Be Safe This Winter

January 13th, 2015 by

There is absolutely no doubt that winter is coming. Heck, winter is here. Snow has already fallen in Manitoba and we know it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

And Dave Zulak, the general manager at Winnipeg Honda, knows that in order for you be safe this winter you should get winter tires on your vehicle. In fact, thanks to Manitoba Public Insurance, there is no reason not to have winter tires on your vehicle.

As temperatures get colder, regular tires freeze up like hockey pucks and make it extremely difficult to stop under emergency or even regular braking situations. Winter tires are built with a much softer and grippier rubber compound, which allows them to stick to icy or slippery surfaces making it much easier to brake in winter conditions.

That’s why MPI has announced a program that allows any Manitoba driver to finance his/her winter tires, without having to pay for the entire amount up front.

It’s called the Get-a-Grip Program and it demonstrates that Manitoba Public Insurance wants everyone to put winter tires on their cars. In fact, the new Get a Grip program, offers a low-interest loan for anyone buying winter tires.
As Mr. Ackerman pointed out, the financing program is offered for winter tires up to $2,000 and lasts for 48 months. In other words, if you finance $1,000 in new snow tires over a 12-month period, you will pay an extra $85.25 a month on your insurance. Two years will cost you an additional $43.69, three years, $29.85, and after 48 months, $22.93 extra per month.

“This loan is low cost, prime plus two per cent,” said Brian Smiley, spokesman for MPI. “It will allow people to purchase snow tires at a reasonable cost and up to 48 months.”
“We know that they reduce sliding on ice and snow, we know they can help drivers avoid collisions altogether, but the onus is really up to the driver.”
To apply for MPI’s Get a Grip program, just go and see Dave Zulak’s tremendous service staff at Winnipeg Honda. When you’re there, fill out an application and Dilawri will send your application directly to Autopac. The driver is expected to pay for the first month while at the shop. Every additional monthly payment will be added to insurance fees.

It’s simple, easy and Winnipeg Honda will get it done – and done right.

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