Planning The Perfect Road Trip

May 4th, 2016 by

With summer holiday’s fast approaching many families are thinking about their next great road trip adventure. With so many places to visit and sights to see planning a road trip can end up being a little stressful and frustrating, which is why we’re here to help. Here are a few suggestions on how to plan the greatest road trip of all time.

Plan Your Route And Pit Stops: Save yourself time and stress by knowing where you are going to stop along the way before you leave. Map out locations where you can purchase gas and food so you’re not stuck scrambling last minute. Different people have different traveling styles, some prefer to drive with barely any stopping while others would rather stop and stretch their legs as often as possible, understand the travel preference of your co-travelers.

Accept Changes Along The Way: Change is inevitable no matter how long you’ve been planning. Roads might be closed, detours can occur, you might want to spend more time in a certain location, regardless of what arises keep an open mind and go with the flow. Remember, a road trip should be fun so enjoy a little spontaneity – it makes for the best stories.

Look For Ways To Save: Although driving is more cost effective than flying there are still ways to save while on the open road.

  • Fill up your car the day before you leave, you already know where to get the best deals on gas in your city.
  • When it is time to get gas look for exits with multiple gas stations and fast food chains, the prices will be lower due to competition.
  • Keep the weight of your cargo as light as possible, the lighter your vehicle the more gas mileage you will save along the way.
  • Pack your own food beforehand. Eating out at every stop can get old and costly, plus it’s nice to eat along the way instead of always having to stop for food.

Prepare Your Vehicle: Make sure your vehicle is safe and ready to go before embarking on your road trip. Schedule a maintenance appointment with our service department at Winnipeg Honda and have one of our trained technicians ensure your vehicle is up to par.

The perfect road trip is easy as 1,2,3 and if you follow these simple steps you’re sure to have the journey of a lifetime!

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