How Your Driving Is Affecting Battery Life

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Did you know that the way you drive might be damaging your battery? If you’re a typical city driver your battery may need replacing more than your country counterpart. 


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 Here’s how your driving patterns will affect your vehicle’s battery life. 




Stop and Go 

City drivers are no stranger to stop and go traffic, but did you know that it can wreak havoc on your car battery? Consistently accelerating and stopping makes your battery work harder than it should. By constantly asking your battery to quickly charge up the car it can prevent the battery from fully warming up during your drive 


Short Distances 

If you’ve ever had your car jumped before, you know CAA asks you to drive on the highway for a while before parking your car. Short trips are fine to do, but in the long run, it can lessen the life of your battery due to it being unable to fully recharge in between trips. If you are going to two locations close to one another or driving down the road just to pick up milk, consider walking where possible, or drive your car for an extra five minutes to keep the battery healthy.  


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Plugging In 

Most vehicles have their navigation screen, a cell phone, and the radio playing while driving, not to mention all the lights and sensors on your vehicle. These modern upgrades are fun to have but can strain your battery unintentionally. Be cautious about what you plug into your vehicle and how much of the battery it is using. Charging your laptop on the way to work might be a great idea, but you can just as easily plug it into an electrical outlet at home the night before.  



Leaving Lights On 

Just as idling is harmful, leaving the lights on or playing the radio while your engine is off is harmful for a car battery. Remove your keys from the ignition, turn off your headlights, and keep the radio turned off while parked.  

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Ignoring the Signs

If you’re noticing your car needs extra juice to start in the morning, or a light on your dashboard keeps turning off and on, it might be time for a battery service. Your battery will tell you if it is having difficulty keeping a charge, but those subtle signs might become not-so-subtle on a cold winter morning. Have your battery inspected during your next service visit to be sure. 

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