Buy or Lease? Always Lease

November 2nd, 2014 by

If you ask Myles Posthumus, sales manager at Winnipeg Honda, if you should finance or lease a new vehicle, the answer comes so quickly, you might have to ask him to repeat himself.

It’s OK, he’ll repeat himself.

“Lease,” he said bluntly. “Lease, always.”

Just as his counterparts throughout the Dilawri Group will tell you, leasing simply gives you more options.

“There are three options you don’t get from financing a vehicle,” Posthumus said. “No. 1: You can drop it off before the end of the lease and get yourself into a bigger car with a lot fewer financial issues that if you purchased your vehicle. This is important for young families today. Say you lease a smaller car for 84 months. In between, you get married, have a couple of kids and suddenly you need a bigger vehicle. When you bring the lease back at even the halfway point, more often than not you aren’t at a loss. You can get yourself and your family into the larger car that you need.

“No. 2: If you love the vehicle, and many people do, you can buy out the lease and keep it. And No. 3: You can sell it to someone and turn a profit. For instance, because these are Honda products, the buyout might be $8,000 but the actual value is $13,000. Buy it out for $8,000 and sell it to your neighbor for $12,000 – give him a break — and you’re still turning a nice profit.

“More than anything else, leasing just gives you more options than financing a vehicle.”

It’s great advice, and you can always head down to Winnipeg Honda at 1717 Waverley and talk about it with Myles or any of the leasing experts on staff. One thing about Winnipeg Honda, these folks love to help and are proud to provide the best customer service in the industry.

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